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3 Big Benefits of Money Dates

If you’ve read some of my other blog posts about creating a budget, then you know that I can’t stress enough the importance of maintaining your budget. Too often I see people spending valuable time creating their budget, and then going about their month and completely forgetting about it. It’s not surprising when they look at their final numbers for the month and realize they’ve overspent.

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Don't Set It and Forget It: 3 Steps to More Effective Budget

A comment I received in direct messages recently reminded me just how scary finances can be for a lot of people. This particular message said that it’s just too much of a commitment to develop and create a budget. In fact, this person went so far as to say, “Why can’t I just continue to live in financial ignorance?” I think a lot of people feel this same way! Many people would rather not know how much they’re spending every month because it’s easier than knowing.

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