Nonprofit Spotlight: Elizabeth House

As we head into the holiday season (CRAZY, RIGHT?), now is the perfect time to think about charitable giving for 2018. This is the second post in my series of blog posts where I am featuring nonprofit organizations that I love, in the Los Angeles area! The next organization that I am featuring is Elizabeth House.

What is Elizabeth House's mission statement?

Elizabeth House exists to provide shelter, hope and support to homeless, pregnant women and their children by addressing their physical, emotional, spiritual, and economic needs in a nurturing atmosphere. Elizabeth House has been serving women and children in the Los Angeles area for more than 20 years.

From their website, “Elizabeth House is the only 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the San Gabriel Valley that specifically addresses the needs of pregnant women who also have small children and who lack adequate shelter and prenatal care.” The 501(c)(3) designation is specific to charitable organizations -- and the good news is, your cash donation is tax deductible.

Who is Elizabeth House?
Before this year I had never heard of Elizabeth House. In fact, when I started my research on them I realized their office was a place I had walked by on a number of occasions. Elizabeth House serves the Pasadena community as a residential shelter program for adult pregnant women and their children, for their own health and wellness.
A key factor is their programming. Elizabeth House accommodates six women and four children, and clients may stay between four to six months after their babies are born. “Each woman who enters Elizabeth House participates in our main programs: Case Management, Parent Education, Health Education, Financial Management, Job Skills Training, Therapeutic Services (individual counseling and group classes), and Spiritual/Emotional Health.”

How did I find out about them?
I was connected with Elizabeth House earlier this year, and I will speak more on that connection in a later blog post. Essentially, I have been working with Elizabeth House for the past several months as a financial consultant (skill-based volunteer). Since my professional expertise lies in the area of nonprofit organizations, I am partnering with the President and Director of Development to be their business partner in providing professional financial advice. I am honored and fortunate to be included in these conversations, to come alongside this organization during their season of growth, and knowing how much good they do makes things that much easier.

What do I like about them?
Teaming up with the leaders at Elizabeth House breathes life into me! They are the most gracious and loving humans to work with, which brings me hope. I know that their impact is far and wide, even though I am not directly involved with day-to-day operations. The beautiful thing that captures my attention about Elizabeth House is the mission of the organization, and their goal to house single women who are pregnant, and to provide an education for them during their time of need. Their office is a beautiful craftsman home in Pasadena that has a very welcoming environment.

How do I get involved?
Elizabeth House loves their volunteers, and have a wide variety of areas for you to volunteer. From office assistance, to childcare and babysitting, to transportation. Volunteers are needed for events as well as home repairs. If you decide that you would like to spend time with them in skills-based volunteering or hands-on in different areas that they have available, know that it will bless your heart. Some areas have specific requirements or prerequisites, so make sure to read the website thoroughly first before proceeding. They accept donations in various forms as well, like furniture and home decor. I would recommend connecting with Elizabeth House to understand what needs they have before donating any new items.

Additionally, if you would like to financially support them that would be the very best way you can help. This year is coming to a close rather quickly and to help meet their budget goals a monetary donation is of the utmost importance.

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