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Nonprofit Spotlight: Jericho Road Pasadena

Have you ever thought there needs to be an organization out there that matches skill-based volunteers with nonprofit organizations? Well, you are in luck! Such an organization exists in the Pasadena area called Jericho Road Pasadena. They consider themselves the modern-day matchmaker, except for volunteers and nonprofit organizations. Jericho Road Pasadena’s roots run deep in the Pasadena area. Jericho Road Pasadena is very connected with local nonprofits and community organizations. They seem to have their finger on the pulse of what is needed around town. I think this is such a neat business model, and I am so happy to have found them and have the ability to volunteer my time and energy with them.

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Nonprofit Spotlight: Ten Thousand Villages

If you have ever walked down Lake Avenue, or entered the Vons parking lot off the corner of California and Lake Avenue in Pasadena, you may have noticed a quaint retail store selling artisanal arts and crafts from around the world. Typically, you may find Pasadenians drawn to this store near the holidays. This retail space is truly the best place you can go to find the most unique gifts for holidays, birthdays or baby showers. Ten Thousand Villages has such a wide variety of items!

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Nonprofit Spotlight: Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love was established just a few short years ago, and is going strong today. Even though they are a young organization they have a huge heart to make an impact on Southern California for the better. They are a refuge for trafficked survivors. Unfortunately, trafficking is a form of slavery still in existence today. It is surprisingly close to home too. Read this blog post to learn more about how even in Irvine California there are still trafficked survivors today.

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