Know Your Budget Course

know your budget - Personal Finance Email Course

You make enough money to live on, but at the end of the month, you find yourself asking,

“Where did all my money go?”

If you’re fed up with working hard and feeling like you’re getting nowhere, then it’s time to go

. . . from no budget . . .

to knowing your budget

Simple, practical ways to finding your money, tracking your money, and making it work for you!

Know Your Budget is . . .

A walk through your personal finances through weekly emails and workable and easy-to-use spreadsheets.

The course is divided into 5 sections:

1. Budgeting Basics

2. Banking and Investment Accounts

3. Debt Management

4. Credit Scores and Debt-to-Income

5. Paycheck Review and Taxes

Know Your Budget is for . . .

Those who are interested in learning how to create and use a meaningful budget, willing to put in the time, energy, and investment to further help your personal finances and move yourself successfully into the future.

If you have ever felt that you do not make enough money for a meaningful budget then this is the course for you!

Know Your Budget costs . . .

Beginning April 1, 2019 the cost of this three month email-only course is a total of $99. Payment plans are available.

You will get all of this PLUS daily access to me with the option to request one-on-one coaching video calls at my standard hourly rate.

* The virtual workshop is a shortened webinar version of this course at a discounted cost, currently accepting interest only sign-ups. Date TBD.

Are you ready to budget like a boss?