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How to Get Started With Meal Prepping

Sometimes it feels like meal prep can be a chore! But, when I have meals all set and ready to go for the upcoming week I start to notice that my level of efficiency goes up during the day. In the mornings I find that I’m not worrying about what meals I’m going to be eating throughout the day, all I have to do is grab and go. Now that I work mostly from home this helps speed up my day significantly. I am honestly doing more things now than I was when I had a 9 to 5. #mindblown

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The Case for Meal Planning

You come home from work exhausted. Rummage through the fridge and try to find the easiest, quickest, and (...*fingers crossed*...) the healthiest meal to make to keep the family happy and satisfied. But then you realize you don't have enough items to make a whole meal. *sigh* So, you end up running to the grocery store to pick up "just a few things" and end up spending a $100 because impulse shopping on an empty stomach IS. A. THING.

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Top Unexpected Expenses for Small Business Owners

True or False: When I started my business, I knew all the business items I would need to pay for.

If you would’ve asked me this on day one, I would’ve said a matter-of-fact, shoulder-shrugging yes. Ask me today, years later, and I can say with full confidence that this statement is false. I had no idea! If you’re new to business ownership, take comfort in the fact that no one has all the answers in the beginning. Which, I think, is part of the fun of entrepreneurship.

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2018: A Year in Reflection

When I first started this business I was unsure of which way to truly start. I felt like I knew my endgame, but was unsure of which path to move forward with. I know there may be some of you out there thinking the same thing. Perhaps you even toyed with the idea of starting your own business as well, but just unsure of exactly how to get started. In this blog post I reflect on my first year in business and then I breakdown the path I took to that brought me where I am today. I hope this provides insight and encouragement that it is possible to start a business alongside working a full-time job.

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Variables of Change

For those who know me, already know I am a huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy. I have watched this show since the beginning! I think the creators of Grey’s Anatomy have a way of explaining life so very poignantly. Here is a quote from their Season 7, Episode 1. There is no need for a backstory, as you will learn why. Stick with it, this is a good quote…

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