Nonprofit Spotlight: Redeeming Love

Trafficking occurs in the United States. And California is a destination state, meaning it's a top location where traffickers bring victims and capture victims.

Who is Redeeming Love?
Redeeming Love was established just a few short years ago, and is going strong today. Even though they are a young organization they have a huge heart to make an impact on Southern California for the better. They are a refuge for trafficked survivors. Unfortunately, trafficking is a form of slavery still in existence today. It is surprisingly close to home too. Read this blog post to learn more about how even in Irvine California there are still trafficked survivors today.

Why is recovery from human trafficking critical?
What is unseen in our culture today is that human trafficking is a big problem that most of us would like to pretend is not there. Bringing survivors out of their abusers hold and reintroducing them back into the culture today is actually harder than one might think. “If you read reports from experts...on the problem of human trafficking in the United States, one consistent assessment is that there is an extreme lack of placement options for victims as they are recovered. And while there is much discussion among service providers over which type of housing options are best, from a family model to long term shelter models (with many varying models in between), it is safe to say that there is no singular model that is a perfect fit for every girl or boy; man or woman. Each case is unique and therefore multiple options are needed. Redeeming Love has chosen to focus on long term housing as our unique niche in filling the housing resource gap.” Read more on this from Redeeming Love’s blog post. The stronghold that these survivors have from their trafficker may seem unshakable during certain moments. But, the reality is, there is hope. Organizations like, Redeeming Love are there for these survivors.

What is Redeeming Love’s mission statement?
The mission of Redeeming Love, is clearly stated on their website;
Redeeming Love is a conduit of restoration for survivors of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

Redeeming Love focuses on the person as a whole; mind, body, and spirit. Their goal is to fold these survivors back into society, and help restore their past brokenness. One of the ways they do this is by providing a safe house for girls who are rescued from trafficking, where they are able to focus on rehabilitation and restoration.

How did I find out about them?
The founders of the organization were youth leaders at my church when I was growing up in high school. Of course Facebook was able to keep us connected and in touch through the years. I was thrilled to hear about the opening up this nonprofit organization.

I have now had the pleasure of being involved on a volunteer basis providing budget tutoring to one of the girls. I am beyond blessed to spend some of my time in this way. An idea of the topics that are covered is; how to balance your checkbook, how to budget, all about paycheck stubs and taxes. By coming alongside this woman to help her grasp these concepts will allow her mindset to be better suited in life when facing decisions on money, savings, and spending.

What do I like about them?
Redeeming Love was born as a response to the enormous remaining need for support for trafficked survivors in the U.S.

Even though they are a young organization, I see the amount of good that they are doing and I feel that not only are they on a trajectory for growth, but continued sustainability will be the fruit of those endeavors. There is a unique potential to reach many girls, pull them out of sex slavery and restore them.

How to get involved?
There are many ways for you to be involved and to have your share of positively making an impact. Here are just a few from their website:

  • Take Action: By volunteering your time you will aide in allowing this organization to move forward and expand their impact. A few ways you can do that is by: Website, Communications, Graphic Design, Donor Relations, Social Media, Videography, etc.

  • You can donate new items for use in their house to encourage a comfortable and safe ambiance. Items range from pillows, to sheets, to curtains, to dishes, and the list goes on.

Become a Guardian
One of their programs is called a “Guardian.” These are donors who give on a monthly basis that want to see Redeeming Love continue the good work that they are doing. Here is how far your monthly support can go:

The vision of the organization is to grow into a company where they can “maintain a continuous, sustainable flow of Housing and services so that no Survivor in [their] care will ever have to return to the streets or her trafficker.

National Human Trafficking Hotline 1.888.373.7888

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